Saturday, 30 October 2010

Carole waller

you might say im biased, this lovely lady is my uncles dads wife after all, but when this stuff is so scrumtiously wonderful, does anyone care? i was lucky enough to spend a week with her and her husband (ceramicist, gary wood) in their home come workshops come 125 gallery.. and my word does she put a lot of work into her creations. this is not fashion, this is art...

she also makes silk and glass sculptures, check them out on her website, but i already had a hard enough job selecting from the clothing!

luckily, silky, floaty, splash patterned stuff is finally getting the recognition of the fashion world (proof to come) and all these sheer bits an bob are great for layering an updating your look. i love the bright silk jackets, but i am a complete colour magpie and they could be a little too much of a statement for some i guess...although with the 80s vibe creeping back in.. anyway, pieces like the one pictured below are a good compromise, the vibrant splashes are there, but not so in your face, wear over a white shirt for something a little different.

if i really had to choose one single item though, it would have to be one of these painted macs, the classic shape is easy to throw on over pretty much anything but the colour jazzes it up and makes this something new and exciting!

move over nudes, carole's coming!