Tuesday, 2 November 2010

miu miu diy

so for a while now, miu miu have been playing with collars. the most recent evolutions have been plain, brightly coloured and worn with black long sleeved tops and skirts in contrasting hues to give a liquorice allsort feel. unlike liquorice though, i do like it very much and have copied it as best i could on cheapskate scale. i have been trying to make some more interesting versions more along the lines of these:.

and how i did it? simple.
1: go to a charity shop and find a shirt, mens shirts are fine. try to find one that buttons all the way up to the collar or youll have to sew one there yourself.
2: cut the collar off the shirt as neatly as possible.
3: iron the collar flat so its easy to decorate. (optional)
4: decorate! print off images on transfer paper or draw your own with fabric pens, or permanant marker.
5: iron the collar back into shape if needed.
6: wear your collar and receive many compliments for your (not even that hard) work.

this is not me, just someone who i thought styled it well, if anyones interested i can post some of my own.

ah, and if that leaves you feeling really creative, you could always have a go at making a whole miu miu inspired outfit to go with it. there seem to be a lot of sets like these this season, where the pattern is the same on top and bottom, but in different colours; this one has navy and white cats on a good, on trend, beigey nude.

this has further proved to me that miu miu are indeed worthy of my love, who else could make nudes so appealing to a quirk hunter like me?


  1. OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO POST PICTURES OF YOU IN YOUR DIY. That's the whole essence of a DIY. (Okay, not really.)

    But great work! Looks so fantastic.


  2. Thats really good!
    and please post your own DIY pictures, i would like to see how it turned out!

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  4. cool. thanks for sharing! great blog.

    xoxo Monroe


  5. Wow! That's so awesome! I love little DIYs like this. Definitely got yourself a new follower :)


  6. Cute stuff! I want a miu miu collar! x

    Follow my blog. :)

  7. Thats such a cute idea! :) Definitely put your pictures up :)

    nice blog, i'm following, check mine out if you'd like!! :)


  8. I love the painted clothes below ! (but I couldn't let a comment there) I want to paint my clothes too !

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  12. Such a good idea!
    so simple, yet so awesome,
    thanks for visiting!

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    Your blog is amazing. and i love this post.
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  14. This absolutely fantastic. I am putting a men's shirt on my to find in thrift shop list. Problem is yellowing collars. Unless I dye 'em?

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea