Saturday, 30 October 2010

Carole waller

you might say im biased, this lovely lady is my uncles dads wife after all, but when this stuff is so scrumtiously wonderful, does anyone care? i was lucky enough to spend a week with her and her husband (ceramicist, gary wood) in their home come workshops come 125 gallery.. and my word does she put a lot of work into her creations. this is not fashion, this is art...

she also makes silk and glass sculptures, check them out on her website, but i already had a hard enough job selecting from the clothing!

luckily, silky, floaty, splash patterned stuff is finally getting the recognition of the fashion world (proof to come) and all these sheer bits an bob are great for layering an updating your look. i love the bright silk jackets, but i am a complete colour magpie and they could be a little too much of a statement for some i guess...although with the 80s vibe creeping back in.. anyway, pieces like the one pictured below are a good compromise, the vibrant splashes are there, but not so in your face, wear over a white shirt for something a little different.

if i really had to choose one single item though, it would have to be one of these painted macs, the classic shape is easy to throw on over pretty much anything but the colour jazzes it up and makes this something new and exciting!

move over nudes, carole's coming!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

not so 'stella'

oh stella mccartney, what were you thinking? actually, probably something along the lines of ' bright, citrusy colours\ bold print, simple oversized tunic shapes' ( which all sounds just dandy to me.) unfortunately, the key print looked to me like it belonged on my gran's teatowel... come to mention it, "you there on the right, have you stolen her matching laminated apron?!"

apparantly, this print has been the marmite of the fashion world: people either love it or hate it. that said, i also felt the cut didnt quite sit right, a bit too starched, a bit too boxy, and not even a little bit fitted.

on a positive note, i very much agreed with these leggings and cycling shorts by d'heygeres.

dont think ill be trying out any of those poses to show them off though!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

feathery fun

yet again, im on accessories, and this time its these feathery owlita earrings that have caught my eye (birds again too) theyre a bit disguised in this photo because they blend in with that ladies hair rather well, but there are a load of brightly coloured and unpractically long sets if youre more parrot than pheasant (which i think this set is called)

even tavi's in on the feathery action with this hat, how great would these be if youre channelling the wicca witchy vibe like her this autumn?

if youre not feeling it yet, heres another take on the feathers, this headband is a more understated, ladylike piece which i think we all agree looks very pretty (especially on this very pretty lady) and suits the toned down pallets and lacy bits that are also swanning around now (i got another bird reference in there too!) must fly!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

style bubble steal

ok, so susie bubble found them first, but these brooke roberts pieces were just too good to not tell the world. knitted bits, sheer bits, CT scan patterns and a clever integration of those three things make for so called 'sportswear' that will have the laziest couch potatoe sprinting to the shop doors.
you'll have to beat me to it...

i think its evident that im a bit of a woollen worshipper, but forgive me for posting this adorable knitted skirt.. why have i never seen one before now?

im off to teach myself how to knit, maybe ill have one for next winter!

Friday, 22 October 2010

felt friends

ok, so these badges wont have been hard to make, but i like them, and my bag likes them, and pretty much everyone ive walked past or stood next to in a queue likes them.. so an all round winner. theyre desertose, but i confess that i have made a pair of earrings using the bird design, and a ribbon with a blue cat that either goes in my hair or around my neck.

id forgotten just how great felt is. these are good and kooky, and im not scared to have them on my bag, which gets a fair amount of battering, if they get ruined, ill sew some more.

beady beauty

stumbled across this on triz designs blog.

there were about a million of every type of accessory ever, all wonderfully intricate, beady creations. this little bracelet was one of the simpler ones, her stuff is seriously fiddly looking, but aside from the occassional whimsical wishes for diamonds, im not usually into jewellery so it suits me just fine. great for pretty pieces that will last, no fiddling about with flimsy chains or tangling a necklace into your tresses here.

material girl

i am deeply saddenned by the following picture, but my inability to find another of the current 'material girl' cover has forced me to post it.
i wish that the hands and lap belonged to me, so much that i could tolerate neon green nail varnish and giant sparkly ring (flattering on my gnawed on nails and notorious ring losing fingers.)

i especially want to be able to actually drool onto these pages featuring the 'allegra' shoot. they have well and truly found my weak spot and hit me in it with a good dose of BUY ME

unfortunately, i am in the uk and it is not
here are some past issues for you to mourn:

and by the way, i used to have hair like this. yeah, i thought you might want that piece of really important information.

hmm. a problem shared is a problem halved? only if someone decides to send it to me, ill just be wallowing in my room until then. thanks green nail varnish wearing, material girl owning blogger, thanks a fugging lot!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

what in the name of woollens?!

i know its getting nippy, but come on, is this really necessary?!

craig lawrence: extreme knitter

you may already know of the lovely craig lawrence, hes young, but boy can that boy knit. his last collections have been amazing but unwearable, featuring mermaid dresses with mere centimetres of leg movement and bundles of tinselesque gold things head to finally, something with flair and functionality has emerged!
this was my favourite piece, its a good balance between dark and spangly, could be worn to suit most styles (dress it up with heels and leggings or down with skinnies, boots and a biker jacket) and the knit hangs in a way that flatters, it skims it doesnt sag. this would be a great addition to a religiously black wardrobe, or a great addition to mine.. hint.

heres a few of his earlier creations if you think youre brave enough

see, hes got me wondering if really, it might not be that bad to go out flashing my gold clad crotch, would it?

ok. maybe this ones just taking it too far,
unless youre fancy dress theme is tinsel of course.

modcloth medal of honour

oh look! hes very sweet isnt he?
he would be happiest perched on your blazer or military jacket i think.

there are a few other styles on modcloth, the nautical anchory one nearly made it up here too!

ps thankyou to my first few followers, youve made me very happy

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

this was going to be about patterned trousers but

if anyone feels like marrying me, i plan on wearing this or something very similar, even if it goes completely against previous musings that a rainbow wedding dress might be nice. not that i think about my non existant wedding ever... no really, i dont..

*if you marry me, i do plan on looking like this, but may closer resemble a small child raiding her grandma's wardrobe.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

peter jensen

inspired by his favourite childrens' book, peter came up with this collection at resort 2011. this one is by no means going to appeal to everyone but for me its just the right mix of cute and creepy to save it from being too little girly and sickly sweet.

see what i mean? the whole girly vs grotesque vibe? its also got lots of colour, lots of shiny, lots of patterns and is definatly err.. kooky shall we say. no wonder im a fan. oh, and would it be too much to go to the christmas party in a dress that looks like a present?

this last one is my favourite, the sport socks keep it casual and id be tempted to either wear some shiny black brogues or these canvas trainer style white wedges with it. this look is really easy to recreate by the way, and itll definately make you stand out in a crowd without being too 'out there' (personally id remove the bow, or at least move it to a position less vision restricting.)


quite a nice tee

like the little birds and the design is simple and colourful. what i really like though, is that the site (wiloh) uses organic bamboo and is generally kinder to the envirinment than most, theres quite a mix of styles so there may be something that floats your boat if you're looking for a tshirt. even if you arent, theyre less than £20 with international postage and they provide clothing to 3rd world children. lovely.


before i say anything more, lets establish that I LOVE TIGHTS. good. now i know these babies (bebaroque 'saylor') are by no means new, in fact ive probably been lusting after them for over a year now, waiting for the £40 price tag to drop

unfortunately, they have decreased in price as much as my wealth for buying £40 tights has increased, which is not at all. on the bright side, new look sell white tights for about £4 and berol sell fabric pens for £5 (thats a whole pack of multicoloured fun, not one pen, by the way) so if youre at all artistic or possess the ability to trace you can have all the beautiful tights you desire. do be careful ironing them to fix the ink though, i went for the lazy 'hold it on there for a while just to make sure' method that i use with tshirts and my iron got covered in plasticy tight corpse. oh, and this works on most light colours and looks equally awesome on nude. if you need proof ill leave you with bebaroque's... aaah.

Monday, 18 October 2010

a rant about marios schwab

ive been reading tavi's blog (thestylerookie, if you dont know it), and the most recent post is about these 'super average brown leather clunkers with pentacle-esque stitching' cant remember who theyre by sorry.(marios schwab)

and something about them kind of annoyed me, i mean, i like them and theyre quite cool...but fashionable? theyre basically glorified clogs, pretty uncomfortable looking ones at that, and when i say glorified... tavi describes these patterns as awesome but reminiscent of 7th grade notebooks. now, being english i have no idea what 7th grade is, but im fairly sure that most of you (including the designer of these) probably bullied that poor girl in 7th grade who dressed a bit like this hippy/gothic hybrid. maybe not. still, sometimes i wonder why otherwise ridiculous items of clothing become acceptable, even enviable to wear just because they are deemed 'fashionable.'
if you buy these, please take a moment to remember that girl in secondary school first.


i spotted this dress by erdem in vogue (i bought it last week for the first time this year) and originally thought that id blabber on about it for a while because it really is rather beautiful what with the the sweet little birds, you'll soon realise im a bit of a bird fan, and all the silky, chiffony, toned down frou frou malarky

but after failing to post this several times ive kind of lost enthusiasm. im enjoying the colour scheme, a break from frothy nude numbers was welcome, and there was something very wearable and yet just a little bit quirky about this one.(i am not however enjoying the price!) ive been browsing the collections online and i think there will have to be at least one more erdem post in the future, im excited!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

falling at the first hurdle

so, after 3 days and numerous failed attempts i have finally managed to work out how to type in the box to write post, albeit with appalling grammer due to using my mobile, but am still left wondering where the hell the pictures have gone?!