Tuesday, 19 October 2010

peter jensen

inspired by his favourite childrens' book, peter came up with this collection at resort 2011. this one is by no means going to appeal to everyone but for me its just the right mix of cute and creepy to save it from being too little girly and sickly sweet.

see what i mean? the whole girly vs grotesque vibe? its also got lots of colour, lots of shiny, lots of patterns and is definatly err.. kooky shall we say. no wonder im a fan. oh, and would it be too much to go to the christmas party in a dress that looks like a present?

this last one is my favourite, the sport socks keep it casual and id be tempted to either wear some shiny black brogues or these canvas trainer style white wedges with it. this look is really easy to recreate by the way, and itll definately make you stand out in a crowd without being too 'out there' (personally id remove the bow, or at least move it to a position less vision restricting.)

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