Friday, 22 October 2010

material girl

i am deeply saddenned by the following picture, but my inability to find another of the current 'material girl' cover has forced me to post it.
i wish that the hands and lap belonged to me, so much that i could tolerate neon green nail varnish and giant sparkly ring (flattering on my gnawed on nails and notorious ring losing fingers.)

i especially want to be able to actually drool onto these pages featuring the 'allegra' shoot. they have well and truly found my weak spot and hit me in it with a good dose of BUY ME

unfortunately, i am in the uk and it is not
here are some past issues for you to mourn:

and by the way, i used to have hair like this. yeah, i thought you might want that piece of really important information.

hmm. a problem shared is a problem halved? only if someone decides to send it to me, ill just be wallowing in my room until then. thanks green nail varnish wearing, material girl owning blogger, thanks a fugging lot!

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