Monday, 18 October 2010

a rant about marios schwab

ive been reading tavi's blog (thestylerookie, if you dont know it), and the most recent post is about these 'super average brown leather clunkers with pentacle-esque stitching' cant remember who theyre by sorry.(marios schwab)

and something about them kind of annoyed me, i mean, i like them and theyre quite cool...but fashionable? theyre basically glorified clogs, pretty uncomfortable looking ones at that, and when i say glorified... tavi describes these patterns as awesome but reminiscent of 7th grade notebooks. now, being english i have no idea what 7th grade is, but im fairly sure that most of you (including the designer of these) probably bullied that poor girl in 7th grade who dressed a bit like this hippy/gothic hybrid. maybe not. still, sometimes i wonder why otherwise ridiculous items of clothing become acceptable, even enviable to wear just because they are deemed 'fashionable.'
if you buy these, please take a moment to remember that girl in secondary school first.

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