Tuesday, 19 October 2010


before i say anything more, lets establish that I LOVE TIGHTS. good. now i know these babies (bebaroque 'saylor') are by no means new, in fact ive probably been lusting after them for over a year now, waiting for the £40 price tag to drop

unfortunately, they have decreased in price as much as my wealth for buying £40 tights has increased, which is not at all. on the bright side, new look sell white tights for about £4 and berol sell fabric pens for £5 (thats a whole pack of multicoloured fun, not one pen, by the way) so if youre at all artistic or possess the ability to trace you can have all the beautiful tights you desire. do be careful ironing them to fix the ink though, i went for the lazy 'hold it on there for a while just to make sure' method that i use with tshirts and my iron got covered in plasticy tight corpse. oh, and this works on most light colours and looks equally awesome on nude. if you need proof ill leave you with bebaroque's... aaah.

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