Thursday, 9 December 2010

Anastassia Ellas

another change: i am now using this as a place to keep track of the many wonderous things i find online, although i try to stick to fashion, these cut outs are just too amazing to keep to myself!

so tweet!

usually lulu guinness is a bit too plasticy tacky for my tastes, but i wont mind the winter weather if i get to shelter under this nifty brolly!

dion lee

on the off chance that any of you noticed that ive been somewhat awol for the last month, DONT WORRY, IM BACK.
unfortunately its not quite the substantial, showstopping kind if stuff that merits such a lapse, but i thought i might try the somewhat lazier but arguabley more interesting picture based posts. heres some of the dion lee collection, personally i think the dresses are great but the shoes are a bit wrong/ out of place.. what do you think? what would you swap them for?

these are gorgeously festive, great for christmas parties, the deeper, richer shades of red make these somewhat more grown up and remind me of hot mulled wine! the interesting cut and innovative additions of cords and cut outs really make these stand out for me. you wont be bumping into your party dress twin for once!

check out this super stylish pockety scarf combo

im a real fan of these reworkings of white shirts, the scope for amazing statement shoes or accessories with such a simple, clean design is limitless. needless to say i was a bit disappointed by the choice here, being hideously addicted to the hideous, i want to team this with big, sky high, glittery heels... maybe a second opinion would be wise? save me!

Monday, 8 November 2010

lace me up!

i blog on my phone. that means that i cannot predict the order in which the following image overload will appear (ooh the excitement!) but it has made me condense the selection very slightly, its one of my favourite trends at the moment.. and i think always has been. im not into girly lace and tend to wear mine with my trusty dm boots, but part of me secretly yearns to be a flapper and of course lace fits the bill nicely!
erdem have a couple of different ways of incorporating this into your everyday look, this lace coat is a super warm style staple and if youre out and about you dont have to suffer the icy drafts to be beautiful!

as i was saying before, i find full on lace a bit too ladylike and pretty, not that i am not both of those things (i hear my boyfriend laughing as i say that) but i prefer it with a bit more edge. this d&g piece uses black lace, which achieves this without clever additions of boots, leather jackets or dark lipstick.

and this silky, satiny, hints of pink affair is the exact opposite! i imagine this with a straw boater and white or tan brogues myself..

'red lace.' it conjures up images of those dodgey undies your ex got you for valentines, but no. surprisingly, erdem have switched my view with this sexy, but classy number. (what you wear underneath is up to you!)

hedleys? a nice plain shift with hints of lace around the hem.

erdem again. this time grey, which i prefer to all the white varieties! its easier to wear, and is a bit different, which im always looking out for! black trilby, waistcoat and brogues anyone?

an elegant take on it with nude heels, definately do this if youve got good legs, itll make them look as if theyve stretched a few inches. great for impressing a date, its both sweet and alluring withouy being too obvious about it!

it breaks my heart to say it, but i dont like the miu miu take on it. the collar is great, but if the chunky, baggy shape can make a catwalk model look like an oompa loompa, whats it going to do to little old me??

this is actually a loose knit top, but i wanted to show you that a black bodycon dress is a lifesaver under the more peekaboo styled pieces. why does it even have to be black?? go wild!! the lace over the top will make sure you wont get mistaken for a cirus performer and hidesl any bits that may had you shying away from the neon bodycon you thought was so on trend last year but hasnt quite made it out of the wardrobe.. oh, you did that too?!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

put your foot down...

its always been known that either your outfit or your accessories should make a statement but never both ( unless you happen to be susie of style bubble.)

usually i go for crazy patterned tights, because i feel that unless youve got something really fantastic, jewelleryjust isnt doing the trick anymore. its time for a change methinks, and just in time for these wonderfully zany missonis.. im not sure i can even begin to describe what they are, or indeed just how deeply i am in love with their sheer ridiculousness.

hopefully the pictures are in the right order and the mext one is an example of a pretty ordinary outfit revamped by a pair of miu miu swallow covered clogs. if not, oops!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

why topshop why?

i have minus minutes before i have to leave and run to my ballet class in th rain, please excuse insubstantial post. i found these leggingy type things in topshop earlier and immediately picked up a pair to try...

look alright dont they?yes, at first glance these look like a pretty nifty, outfit updater to space agey on trend ness, BUT...

whats that?! around the crotch area there.. is it? could it be?! yes, indeed it is a built in camel toe. thanks topshop, youve really excelled yourselves with this one (although maybe 'heals' who made them should really be taking the blame.) either way, i didnt bother trying them on at all in the end and vowed to never buy anything there for at least, say, an hour; as an inneffective sign of protest.
theyll be regretting that now.
*grabs umbrella and dashes out for mad sprint in downpour wearing full ballet getup and wellies*

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

miu miu diy

so for a while now, miu miu have been playing with collars. the most recent evolutions have been plain, brightly coloured and worn with black long sleeved tops and skirts in contrasting hues to give a liquorice allsort feel. unlike liquorice though, i do like it very much and have copied it as best i could on cheapskate scale. i have been trying to make some more interesting versions more along the lines of these:.

and how i did it? simple.
1: go to a charity shop and find a shirt, mens shirts are fine. try to find one that buttons all the way up to the collar or youll have to sew one there yourself.
2: cut the collar off the shirt as neatly as possible.
3: iron the collar flat so its easy to decorate. (optional)
4: decorate! print off images on transfer paper or draw your own with fabric pens, or permanant marker.
5: iron the collar back into shape if needed.
6: wear your collar and receive many compliments for your (not even that hard) work.

this is not me, just someone who i thought styled it well, if anyones interested i can post some of my own.

ah, and if that leaves you feeling really creative, you could always have a go at making a whole miu miu inspired outfit to go with it. there seem to be a lot of sets like these this season, where the pattern is the same on top and bottom, but in different colours; this one has navy and white cats on a good, on trend, beigey nude.

this has further proved to me that miu miu are indeed worthy of my love, who else could make nudes so appealing to a quirk hunter like me?