Saturday, 6 November 2010

put your foot down...

its always been known that either your outfit or your accessories should make a statement but never both ( unless you happen to be susie of style bubble.)

usually i go for crazy patterned tights, because i feel that unless youve got something really fantastic, jewelleryjust isnt doing the trick anymore. its time for a change methinks, and just in time for these wonderfully zany missonis.. im not sure i can even begin to describe what they are, or indeed just how deeply i am in love with their sheer ridiculousness.

hopefully the pictures are in the right order and the mext one is an example of a pretty ordinary outfit revamped by a pair of miu miu swallow covered clogs. if not, oops!


  1. I reall ylike your blog!
    the background is awesome!

  2. Those shoes really are ridiculous! It looks like someone stuffed scarves into them. Nonetheless, I want a pair :)


  3. this is such a cute blog! and I love your 'about me' :)

  4. man that first pic is awesome I love the strips with that POP of green. i love green! visit me soon

    xoxo Monroe

  5. super love that stripes! :D

    im following yah ^_^ love ur blog

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  7. Great post! Cute blog xoxo