Thursday, 4 November 2010

why topshop why?

i have minus minutes before i have to leave and run to my ballet class in th rain, please excuse insubstantial post. i found these leggingy type things in topshop earlier and immediately picked up a pair to try...

look alright dont they?yes, at first glance these look like a pretty nifty, outfit updater to space agey on trend ness, BUT...

whats that?! around the crotch area there.. is it? could it be?! yes, indeed it is a built in camel toe. thanks topshop, youve really excelled yourselves with this one (although maybe 'heals' who made them should really be taking the blame.) either way, i didnt bother trying them on at all in the end and vowed to never buy anything there for at least, say, an hour; as an inneffective sign of protest.
theyll be regretting that now.
*grabs umbrella and dashes out for mad sprint in downpour wearing full ballet getup and wellies*


  1. That is bad lol

  2. built in camel toe - that made me lol! But seriously....why??!?!

  3. Yes, I love that !

  4. Oooo...not very good!
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  5. nice! if u want we can follow eachother

  6. Lol built in camel toe.. it was the first thing I noticed when the page loaded. I suppose it wouldn't be too bad if you covered it up with an extra long top.

  7. Lol. I had to laugh. :)
    I'm following now. :)
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  8. I saw you asking on ellevictoire's blog, how she makes the lips look so fab and less preteen?
    From my lots and lots of experimenting with makeup it depends on what you pair it with and how you apply it. If youre wearing creams or lighter colours, try applying it more as a stain, dab the lipstick on, apply a darker gloss over it :-) If you look at her lip, its not perfectly outlined and has a super strong pigmentation, thats what makes it work!
    If you are wearing darker colours, you can afford to go stronger on the lip, with a more defined look. try stay clear from applying anymore more than mascara on your eyes when you do so :-)
    hope that helped!

  9. i'm sorry!!

  10. Haha, omg it's pretty horrible xD
    But thanks for your comment <3
    I'm following you, now!

  11. LMAO!!!

    Camel toe look...LOL.:P

    I followed you sistah, please follow me back


  12. AHHH! I'm totally anti camel toe and leggings as pants, so I hear ya!