Thursday, 9 December 2010

Anastassia Ellas

another change: i am now using this as a place to keep track of the many wonderous things i find online, although i try to stick to fashion, these cut outs are just too amazing to keep to myself!

so tweet!

usually lulu guinness is a bit too plasticy tacky for my tastes, but i wont mind the winter weather if i get to shelter under this nifty brolly!

dion lee

on the off chance that any of you noticed that ive been somewhat awol for the last month, DONT WORRY, IM BACK.
unfortunately its not quite the substantial, showstopping kind if stuff that merits such a lapse, but i thought i might try the somewhat lazier but arguabley more interesting picture based posts. heres some of the dion lee collection, personally i think the dresses are great but the shoes are a bit wrong/ out of place.. what do you think? what would you swap them for?

these are gorgeously festive, great for christmas parties, the deeper, richer shades of red make these somewhat more grown up and remind me of hot mulled wine! the interesting cut and innovative additions of cords and cut outs really make these stand out for me. you wont be bumping into your party dress twin for once!

check out this super stylish pockety scarf combo

im a real fan of these reworkings of white shirts, the scope for amazing statement shoes or accessories with such a simple, clean design is limitless. needless to say i was a bit disappointed by the choice here, being hideously addicted to the hideous, i want to team this with big, sky high, glittery heels... maybe a second opinion would be wise? save me!