Thursday, 21 October 2010

craig lawrence: extreme knitter

you may already know of the lovely craig lawrence, hes young, but boy can that boy knit. his last collections have been amazing but unwearable, featuring mermaid dresses with mere centimetres of leg movement and bundles of tinselesque gold things head to finally, something with flair and functionality has emerged!
this was my favourite piece, its a good balance between dark and spangly, could be worn to suit most styles (dress it up with heels and leggings or down with skinnies, boots and a biker jacket) and the knit hangs in a way that flatters, it skims it doesnt sag. this would be a great addition to a religiously black wardrobe, or a great addition to mine.. hint.

heres a few of his earlier creations if you think youre brave enough

see, hes got me wondering if really, it might not be that bad to go out flashing my gold clad crotch, would it?

ok. maybe this ones just taking it too far,
unless youre fancy dress theme is tinsel of course.


  1. Think I'll stick to slightly more traditional knits!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks so much for your comment, it meant the world to me. I am so happy to have inspired you. ♥

    You have a great blog too and I really enjoyed this post. I hope you come back soon.

    See ya!